2012 Estate Malbec Reserve - MAG

$93 /bottle

3 Bottle Club: $79.05
6 Bottle Club: $74.40
12 Bottle Club: $69.75

Whoever said “roses are red and violets are blue” must not have been a wine drinker (or color blind :) ). Our Reserve Malbec blatantly stuns with purple violet aromas. The purple epiphany marches on through the flavor of blackberry and plum pie. With the incredible amounts of antioxidants in Malbec, I bet the brain of whoever stated the above might benefit from the purple perk we serve. I apologize for my sarcasm, but I’ve been drinking soooooo much Clautiere Malbec that I have become too smart for my own good. (#Ismart #lol #stopitalreadyyoudrunky!)

100% Estate Malbec