Terry & Claudine
Be prepared for some serious fun if your planning a visit to Clautiere Vineyard.  We devote so much time and attention to making our hand crafted wines that we try to compensate by having pure fun in our off time, and our tasting room expresses that.  Think Edward Scissorhands meets the Mad Hatter at the Moulin Rouge!  We truly are,"A winery like no other '.

The creative forces behind Clautiere Vineyard are Claudine Blackwell and Terry Brady.  Between them they boast a number of diverse positions in their lifetime, such as fashion designer, welder, landscape designer, restaurant owner and as of late, winemaker. Since moving to Paso Robles in July 1999, the couple has, over time, given new life to the 145 acre ranch.  onverting the farm house into a vibrant, colorful & energetic tasting room, gift shop and commercial kitchen.  The barn has been turned into a theatre with a built in stage and sound system used by bands and entertainers to perform on during parties.  The property is decorated with a 230 foot entry fence, metal sculptures and mosaics that were all designed and crafted by Claudine.

Clautiere Vineyard   Open Daily 12:00PM to 5:00PM   805-237-3789