2006 Estate Sweet Roussanne (500 ml)

$22 /bottle

3 Bottle Club: $18.70
6 Bottle Club: $17.60
12 Bottle Club: $16.50

- Ahoy mates! It is aaarrrgghh-guable that our Sweet Roussanne is the treasure we have been searching for. Rum is what we typically drink when at sea, but on dry land we prefer this juicy, rum-like, liquid dessert. It’s golden color shimmers like a pile of booty and we can’t help that we want to pillage every last drop. Shiver me timbers! This dessert wine is not for inexperienced lads as it has a hearty fortified backbone that any seasoned seadog can appreciate. Just pace yourself though as being three sheets to the wind is not fun on wobbly sea legs.

100% Estate Rousanne
Paso Robles
Cheese Pairing
Paradise Blue/Mango Ginger stilton
Origin: Wisconsin
Type: Blue Cheese Cow’s Milk