2014 Estate Viognier

$24 /bottle

3 Bottle Club: $20.40
6 Bottle Club: $19.20
12 Bottle Club: $18.00

Once upon a time there was a grape known as Viognier. One day, Viognier was walking through California and stopped in a cool region. "Too cool" it said. How will I ever develop the aromatics and flavors needed for me to succeed? Viognier continued on its journey moving south. It stopped in a hot region. "Too hot" it exhaustedly declared. "I don't want to be sticky with sweetness, my perfume scent will be lost!" Wondering if it would ever find the perfect fit, it finally stumbled upon Paso Robles. "Just right" it said with a sigh of relief. A deep breath of fresh cut green aromas and guava came Viognier while a heart of nectarine and pear fell in love with this location. Viognier has since lived happily ever after.

100% Estate Viognier