2012 Estate Petite Verdot

$36 /bottle

3 Bottle Club: $30.60
6 Bottle Club: $28.80
12 Bottle Club: $27.00

I like bold reds and I cannot lie!
You other winos can’t deny.
(When) Oxygen blends in with tannins in the taste and a round glass in your face...
It gets open, needs to pull in air - Cause you noticed that bottle wants to share.
Deep dark fruit that it’s bearing - I’m hooked and I can’t stop pouring!
Oh Verdot – I wanna sip on ya!
Take in your urban aroma.
My wine club tried to warn me that some Petite Verdot is heading to my homey!
Ooh rump-o-pork loin. You say you wanna be my din?!
So salt me and season me - Cause this ain’t your average juicy!
I’ve heard it’s tannins, compared with bananas,
the pith, so rich,
but smooth with a mocha whiff.
I’m tired of blendy things
mixing other grapes in with thee
Take the average grape man and hand him that glass
It’s gonna pack much back.
So Fellas (yeah!) ladies, (yeah!)
Has your winery got the varietal? (Hell no!)
Tell them to turn around, walk back out
And head to Clautiere.
Our Petite Verdot is back!

Paso Robles, Geneseo District